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From Miami to all over the world

We can help you make even the most complicated of shipments go smoothly. All our personalized solutions offer a 24-hour customer service as standard.

For packages with liquid, fragile, or perishable items, generally is enough to mark the item, to indicate that it must be handled with care, and we select a fast-shipping method to reduce the shipping time.

Our specialty is to offer a well measured service for every requirement, so that the customer receives the item in the same condition in which the Provider left it. We emphasize that our system is easily integrated in most of the software platforms used by companies, which allows more agility and control at moment process the package.

• Repackaging: Generally, widely used for those companies that need the repacking for a better image of the product delivered to the final client.
• Legal documents
• Credit cards / Debit / Purchases, etc.
• Machinery
• Critical pieces
• Valuables
• Liquids
• Or any request 100% customized to your needs.

How does our dropshipping service work?

We are located in the United States

We receive your product in our warehouse

We ship your product to your final client

The new trade requires new tools, and that is why we offer our mass publication service to promote Dropshipping, giving the possibility of selling directly with the supplier's stock.
In this case, we make available the Amazon inventory, a universe of more than 600 million products that can be offered to the public and sold by any of our users.

The service offered is based on a robot that searches for products on Amazon according to the user's preferences, then those products are published in their MercadoLibre account, keeping their stock and price information updated based on changes in Amazon.

This will allow to have published in MercadoLibre from a few thousand, to hundreds of thousands of products, in this way when a sale is generated one must go to Amazon.com to buy it and send it to the client, without having to have available stock.

Sales Assistant Software

The Robot

Responsible for searching for products on Amazon according to user preferences, or based on a list of Amazon Product Codes (ASINs).

The Publisher

Responsible for publishing the products downloaded from Amazon into Mercado Libre, using the parameters defined by the user.

The Updater

In charge of keeping updated the publications in ML based on the constant changes of price and stock of Amazon.

The Platform

Here you will find general settings, logistics, trade and statistics tools.

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Member Countries

Our area of influence is expanding. At the moment, we operate in the following countries:

Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Paraguay.


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